Sonoma Sage – Clinozoisite Wine Bottle Stopper – Silver


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Sonoma Sage Clinozoisite Wine Bottle Stopper is an elegant and unique addition to any wine enthusiast’s repertoire. Carefully crafted to ensure your wine remains fresh and vibrant, this stopper blends functional excellence with aesthetic charm, enriching your table with a touch of natural beauty.

Why Choose Sonoma Sage Clinozoisite Stopper?

Understated Elegance: Each stopper showcases a handpicked clinozoisite, known for its lustrous green to brownish hues, intermixed with crystal-like inclusions that capture and reflect light, adding a sophisticated and earthy element to your wine display.

Harmonizing Qualities: Clinozoisite is believed to enhance positivity and increase personal vitality. It’s thought to harmonize perceptions and emotions, contributing to a balanced and enjoyable wine tasting experience, making each sip both a delight for the senses and a boost for the spirit.

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