Introducing Vino Giulia: Wine App

Whether you’re a wine lover or wine newbie, the Vino Giulia Wine App is packed with interactive features to nurture and broaden your passion for wine.

Introducing the Vino Giulia: Wine App

Designed by a wine lover for wine lovers, Vino Giulia is a wine app. We expect to launch soon (March-April 2023). The app has been built to include the following features:

  • Wine Tasting Notes for your personal and private reflection (includes images!)
  • Learn wine with bite-size lessons and interactive flashcards
  • Discover page to help you discover new wine trends, wineries, vineyards and more

Why Vino Giulia?

Our app focuses on helping wine lovers and budding wine enthusiasts broaden their wine appreciation. We shift away from the current wine app focus on wine reviews, scanning labels and buying wine online to one that nurtures learning about wine through interactive app features like wine tasting notes, micro-learning and connecting with fellow wine lovers.

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